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Our clients care about their visual identity. We use holograms, projections and video animations to push augmented reality to the next level. We design unforgettable immersive and interactive experiences.  


With our techniques and services, you can take the visibility of any brand to the next level and make sure any moment becomes a magical and memorable one. 



By offering full complete services solutions to our customers, we allow them to choose different content packages in combination with our different technologies and with this special offer we are happy to call ourselves a 360° agency. Once we have designed and planned an amazing concept, we install the hardware to program the magical experience. To achieve the best possible output, we collaborate with creative digital artists to bring common spaces, 3D objects and any surfaces to life.


Get the full setup for your campaigns or permanent installations! We offer a full range of high quality products for holograms, projections or any other visual experiences. Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art products in all price ranges as well as customer service in an efficient manner to make sure our customers are satisfied. When it comes to using modern cutting edge display products, we make sure our customers are the front-runners in their respective industries.


You can rent our products for a single event, marketing campaigns or long term setups. Hire our services to create dynamic video projection mappings, hologram shows, immersive and interactive visual experiences. We plan shows with your ideas and also give you suggestions based on our experiences. Ultimately, with our AV expertise we make sure your visions come true. Sit back, relax and watch the show!


High quality videos, photos and animations will fascinate the people you want to impress. For a company or institute to sell their services, promote products in a futuristic manner or send attractive messages, the use of high quality content is key. Good content combined with state-of-the-art technologies can make sure to catch the attention of people and create breathe-taking illusions of completely new sceneries. 

We understand that customers need high quality content in addition to projection and hologram devices. We got both. REACT IMPACT has several types of content packages to offer. You can chose animation videos from our existing database or get premium custom content that is made just for you.


We have a big and well selected network of international artists with whom we collaborate to create premium custom made content. To make sure that you, as our customer, get the right premium content, our artist repertoire keeps on continuously growing with the best creators. Let us know how you imagine your hologram and projection show so that we can chose the right artist to design and create the unique content for your visual experience.

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