Interactive and moving projections for charity at Ronald McDonald Kinderhilfe Thanksgiving dinner

The Ronald McDonald House in Vienna provides a temporary home for families of children who are hospitalized with severe illnesses and to thank all the people who donate or support the cause, a Thanksgiving dinner was organized in the construction site of the brand new Ronald McDonald House in Vienna. React Impact installed and programmed two moving projection systems for this event.  

The main dynamic projection show consisted of mapped animations moving from wall to wall. The abstract lines, the mystical flowers, the logos and all the other animations filled the empty spaces and plain walls of the construction site as they were moving from one position to another.

The second moving projections show was an interactive installation where each guest could use an iPad and control from the tip of their finger what was being projected. Since the second Ronald McDonald House in Vienna is still in construction, the idea was to allow guests to choose different objects and gifts to donate for the future families that will move in. 

What happened was that in the lounge area, the guests went on the iPad and first clicked a  category eg. "living room", then selected any object from the list, such as a "couch" or a "table with chairs". Once they clicked on any object that they wished to donate, the position and image of the object being projected changed in real time.

In this type of charity event, a moving projection system could be used either to motivate guests to donate or to create fascinating wall decorations! Let us know if you want projections moving around or a live band for your event, react impact offers the full package!

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